The COD 5V5 starts Friday evening. Please ensure you are to the venue early on Friday for registration. The 5V5 tournament ends on Sunday evening so plan on being at the venue from Friday through Sunday.

Game Rules

MES uses the in-game CDL Ruleset. CDL rules are set for each match in the game.

For more information please see the following link.

Note: MES Events is not affiliated with the official Call of Duty League and MES does not offer CDL points.

MES Rules

Elimination: Double Elimination
Winners: Best of 5 Games
Losers: Best of 3 Games
Note: If tournament sells out or is running behind Winners may play best of 3 games.

Fortnite 2v2 on PS4 and XbOX One

The Fortnite 2v2 will be played on two consoles – XBOX One and PlayStation 4 and will begin on Saturday afternoon. The Fortnite tournament will likely go into Sunday so please plan on being at the venue both Saturday and Sunday.

We will have TWO separate tournaments – one for each console. The Fortnite tournament is NOT cross platform. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but the logistics of running a cross platform tournament usually delay things substantially.

Please ensure you are at the venue when it opens on Saturday morning for tournament registration.

Fortnite 2v2 Prize Pools will be based on the number of passes sold for each platform. The Fortnite prize pool is not combined for both platforms.

Game Rules

Both teams of 2 will join the same lobby.

The team with the most kills wins.

Kills do not transfer between rounds.


Call of Duty 2v2 on PS4

The Call of Duty 2v2 will be played on the PlayStation 4 Console and will start on Sunday afternoon.

If you are only attending for the COD 2v2 please arrive at the venue early on Sunday for registration.

Game Rules

TBD – stay posted! See our Twitter @MESEvents to vote for your favorite COD 2v2 game type!